Working and Employment opportunities in Austria

Austria, with it’s 8.5 million residents, ranks amongst Europe’s richest countries and one of the world’s top 12, naturally beautiful, with a high standard of living and low unemployment make it a desirable destination for workers from across Europe.

The services industry is Austria’s fastest growing sector employing approximately a sixth of the population. Tourism is the biggest earner and is also the fastest growing, it is responsible for 10% of the economic output.

Austria does have other industries though, machinery, motor vehicles and parts, paper (the country has huge forests), chemicals, iron and steel, wine production, textiles and food products are all big exports. It’s main trading partner was traditionally and still is Germany - the shared language making for ease of business - but the EU has opened Austria up to the other EU Member states and it has developed strong partnerships with many other nations.

If you are a skilled engineer, IT worker or perhaps a budding vintner perhaps Austria is the land of opportunity for you.
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